Question: How is the behavior of a contractor tied to project success?

Answer: A robot’s behavior is guided by computer programing—unlike robots,
we are free to choose and then decide our courses of action. Behavior is
not about our thoughts or emotions, instead behavior is what we actually
do. On the other hand, behavior is often a result of positive or negative
thoughts and emotions. Your actions, over time, will turn into habits and your habits will lead to much of the success or lack of success in your life.

Point: Behavior is guided by your decisions, not your condition



Question: How does attitude affect the success or failure of a construction project?

Answer: Optimism and pessimism are attitudes you are free to choose and to embrace. Whether for good or bad, your thoughts make you who you are. They direct your self-fulfilling prophecies. Positive or negative self-talk becomes reinforced into the paradigm that you have determined and then produces evidence to support your belief. If you think you will have a bad project, then you are definitely right. If you think you will have a good project, you’re probably right.

Point: Attitude is a matter of personal choice. It is the key that either opens you to success or locks you out.

Selling the Next Big Project

Question: When do I begin to sell the next project?

Answer: Today and everyday after. The project you are on today is selling or not selling your next one. Your customer observes how you perform now and will assume the same performance on the next project. Good performance is measured in both the number of successes performed and failures remedied. Also remember that the last 10% of the project is what your customers remember most… just when most are out of time, money and patience.

Point: Make your project a positive projection – A prediction made from past observations.

Traits of Successful People

Question: What are the character traits of those who have been very successful in life?

Answer: I examined the character traits of very successful people dating back to 1900. Their most consistent and repeating traits are dogged persistence, respect for others, realization of their strengths and weaknesses, high expectations of themselves and others, unconventional thinking and humanitarian efforts, trust, and honesty.

Point: Did you notice that nothing was mentioned about having to be a genius?