Selling the Next Big Project

Question: When do I begin to sell the next project?

Answer: Today and everyday after. The project you are on today is selling or not selling your next one. Your customer observes how you perform now and will assume the same performance on the next project. Good performance is measured in both the number of successes performed and failures remedied. Also remember that the last 10% of the project is what your customers remember most… just when most are out of time, money and patience.

Point: Make your project a positive projection – A prediction made from past observations.


What type of customer should I eliminate or avoid?

Answer:  The type who exhaust your financial resources and your employee’s efforts with little or no return. These are ones who invite an excess number of bidders and use the lowest prices regardless of other important factors, as the sole basis for award. They fail to warn about difficult site conditions, yet impose excessive liability risk including liquidated damages and other onerous contract enforcement language. They have a history of late payments and extensive punch lists in order to postpone payment of retention. These customers are ready for a fight and are prepared to win. Ask the question to yourself: “Why were we invited to bid and what are the chances of getting the contract and making a fair profit?”

Point:  Once you spot them don’t be fooled because the stripes on zebras do not change.

How Do I Start to Develop Great Relationships With My Customers?

Guest Blogger- Carly Ties, Publicist for Joe Egan

Answer: Start with the initial step of friendship, not business. Then develop that friendship into a mutually trusting relationship. This requires face to face meetings, listening skills, empathy and rapport. It also requires the discipline and patience of having to do for them before they are willing to do for you.

Emotional Destruction & Reactions

Question: What happens to the positive emotions when a relationship is destroyed?

Answer: They go flying out the window and the negative response is swift and devastating. Those who feel betrayed have a strong desire to get even and to hurt you in the same degree or more that you hurt them. The previous positive emotions in the relationship are instantly replaced with equally strong negative emotions. The emotion of comfort is replaced with disgust, optimism to anger, happiness to bitterness and relief to contempt.

Summarize: No matter where you live, it’s still a small town where your customers like to talk about you. They also have big concerns, self worth and great memories about being betrayed.