Selling the Next Big Project

Question: When do I begin to sell the next project?

Answer: Today and everyday after. The project you are on today is selling or not selling your next one. Your customer observes how you perform now and will assume the same performance on the next project. Good performance is measured in both the number of successes performed and failures remedied. Also remember that the last 10% of the project is what your customers remember most… just when most are out of time, money and patience.

Point: Make your project a positive projection – A prediction made from past observations.


Why Are Positive Relationships Important?

Answer: Think of a bridge as the connection between your company and your customer. That bridge, among other things, is used to transfer money from their bank into your bank. If there is no bridge, then no money transfer and therefore no paycheck. The brick and mortar in the bridge is constructed out of trust, shared values, honesty, listening skills and problem solving. Good relationships become great when you have achieved the level of being great friends.

Summary: Build bridges don’t burn them.