Question: To be very successful in construction, should your customers to be your true friends or just friendly acquaintances?

Answer: They should be true friends. Friendship is the reciprocal activity of supporting who the other person is while they support who you are. It is therefore unselfish, generous, kind, and thoughtful Friends are unconditional and earn your confidence.

Point: Friends are the ones who stay with you all the way: others are just


In construction, how does failure lead to success?

Answer: Failure is a fact of life and becomes itself only when you let it establish your mindset. Failure should be anticipated and you should have a predetermined reaction ready to go when it occurs. Failure is not always long term and it provides important lessons for what not to do. It is strange, yet obviously true, that failure and success are mixed in the
same bottle, so don’t avoid a challenge because you may risk failure.

Point: Failure is most often just a temporary defeat encountered on the road to success.

For those in construction, how does having empathy improve your customer relationships?

Answer: Empathy is having the ability and the desire to share the feelings, thoughts, and emotions that someone else is experiencing. It’s a trait that I believe not all people possess, but one that is required in order to understand and therefore support another person. In building positive relationships, empathy is a simple matter of collecting emotional information about the other person. The more you collect, the deeper the relationship. It makes forging a strong bond much easier. That bond results in greater trust as you and the person you are empathizing with can share personal thoughts, worries, and doubts as well as proud achievements, dreams, and goals.

Point: Empathy is life’s mirror. It is the reason we smile at a smile and tear at a tear.