Question: Why is it so important to understanding body language when dealing with others?

Answer: Because so often what is really being said is not coming from the sound of the voice but rather from the movement of the body. It is a basic form of communication yet a major message used to either confirm or contradict what someone is saying. 90% of communication is non verbal. Only 10% is verbal, 30% includes tone of voice, speed and volume and the remaining 60% is body language. It is the most truthful and reliable source of information.

Point: Learn and observe body language to determine what is really being said.


How to read adversarial people?

Guest blogger: Katie Slough- publicist

Answer: Adversarial people are forceful and start relationships by drawing a line in the sand with a permanent marker. They look for errors and ambiguities, not solutions or answers.  They may be smart but not wise. Some are paranoid  in thinking they should get you before you get them. Do not expect things to change for the better nor a win-win outcome.

“Force without wisdom falls on its own weight.”

Horace 65 BC – 8 AD