Is Electronic communication both efficient and effective?

Answer: Electronic communication by use of the various hand- held devices are very efficient in saving time and speeding communication. However being effective requires the development and maintaining of personal relationships. Why? Because electronic communication is not as effective as face to face communication. I believe that for many, the more they are connected (electronically) the more they are isolated (from other people). Also, because electronic communication does not include your tone of voice or body language it is subject to negative interpretation even though it may not be intended.

Point: You might have to disconnect in order to connect.


Upcoming Interview

Be sure to look out for my upcoming interview in Plymouth Magazine this November!! I discuss my business background since the age of fourteen and my involvement in Egan Companies. Also all that came after my retirement including: writing two books, doing seminars for many companies and people, teaching as an adjunct professor at Minnesota State University, and also my effort to improve my speaking skills with a professional training voice over course. Hear about many of my successes and failures throughout this journey!

Question: What are the personal traits required for success?

Answer: Getting your name on a piece of paper, such as a diploma, resume, or license does not guarantee success. Success hinges on good character, respectful personality, high expectations, and negotiations skills. But the number one personality trait required for success is trustworthiness.

Point: Combining personality and character is to successfully join thinking and doing.

What is the single worst personality trait?

Answer: Arrogance is the trait most responsible for failure. It is beyond self confidence because they take pleasure in thinking the best person is the one in the mirror. It is where they bask in reflective glory. While being the most important person in the room they do not let their lack of knowledge prevent themselves from being an expert and having no hesitation suppressing the opinions of other. Most people don’t want to be associated with arrogance because it dismantles teamwork thus making it the opposite of being constructive.

Summary: With humility you will always have companions.