Why Are Positive Relationships Important?

Answer: Think of a bridge as the connection between your company and your customer. That bridge, among other things, is used to transfer money from their bank into your bank. If there is no bridge, then no money transfer and therefore no paycheck. The brick and mortar in the bridge is constructed out of trust, shared values, honesty, listening skills and problem solving. Good relationships become great when you have achieved the level of being great friends.

Summary: Build bridges don’t burn them.


Can Fear of Failure Be a Positive Motivator?

Answer: Yes, but not from the restraining fear of self doubt or the unknown. It is instead from the engaging fear that if a group of people do not join and support each other, then all will fail. Selfishness must be trumped by supporting the schedule demands and personal concerns of others.

Summary: Confucius said “Failure is not an option”

Emotional Destruction & Reactions

Question: What happens to the positive emotions when a relationship is destroyed?

Answer: They go flying out the window and the negative response is swift and devastating. Those who feel betrayed have a strong desire to get even and to hurt you in the same degree or more that you hurt them. The previous positive emotions in the relationship are instantly replaced with equally strong negative emotions. The emotion of comfort is replaced with disgust, optimism to anger, happiness to bitterness and relief to contempt.

Summarize: No matter where you live, it’s still a small town where your customers like to talk about you. They also have big concerns, self worth and great memories about being betrayed.

Attaining a Positive Attitude

Question: How do I attain a positive attitude?

Answer: A positive attitude is propelled by positive self-fulfilling prophecy. It is the self-proclaimed prediction that alters your actions and causes itself to become true. The fact that we have the ability to think also means we have the ability to control our thoughts. Therefore your attitude is either the lock or the key to your success. Positive thinking is not about fooling yourself – rather it’s about creating yourself. Yes, there are many bad surprises that a positive attitude can’t prevent but when it happens you are better positioned to have your attitude and perspective on top of a ladder rather than in a ditch.

Summarize: Realize that the best or worst thing in your life could be your attitude.


Question: What does sacrifice have to do with trust and leadership?

Answer: Trust is the ability to sacrifice the urge to take advantage of someone. Leadership is the ability to sacrifice your best interest for the betterment of others. If you don’t expend 100% effort on you talents then you are sacrificing some of the gifts you could give to others.

Summarize: Dedicate some of your life to others.