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Joe Egan’s new book shares the secrets to success from a 45-year career.
BY: BRITTANY TREVICK | From the issue: January 2013
With 45 years in the construction industry under his belt, Plymouth resident Joe Egan felt inspired to share his experiences with others. The result is his first book, The General Contractor: How to be a Great Success or Failure.
In it, Egan shares not only the skills valued by successful contractors but the importance of having a positive attitude and high expectations, attributes that can be leveraged across any career. This book is about what you can start doing tomorrow to improve your road to success.


1.a – Problem Solver Resume

Question: As a construction project manager, what is the best strength I could have on my resume?

Answer: Being a problem solver.

Superior customer relationships require the desire and ability to solve problems. When customers give you their problems and complaints they are giving you an opportunity to look good and continue doing business with them. Being a problem solver is an earned distinction and occurs when a customer has a subconscious reliance that their Go-To person will solve the problem without involving personal issues or finger pointing.

Successful contractors prepare for failure and separate themselves from the competition when things go bad and problems are solved in an expedited and objective basis…without drama. Help your customers make their job easier, not harder, by presenting multiple solutions to each problem. Then get ready for the next problem because problems in construction will go away only when you retire.

Point: Turn a problem or complaint into your next contract award.

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 By Joe Egan  

Author: The General Contractor: How to be a Great Success or Failure